B. Policy 2013-007

The Department of General Services (DGS) was tasked with the oversight of grants and grant monitoring beginning in fiscal year 2012. In May 2013 DGS issued Policy 2013-007 to replace Policy 22. Policy 2013-007 revised the requirements for subrecipient contract monitoring for the State of Tennessee to “provide uniformity in the reporting of, and controls over, the expenditure of awards in connection with the delivery of services by subrecipients of federal and State awards.”

The OCJP monitoring unit is responsible for performing monitoring activities in accordance with Policy 2013-007, to ensure that Federal and State awards are used for authorized purposes in compliance with laws, regulations, and the provisions of contracts or grant agreements and ensuring performance goals are achieved.

Policy 2013-007:

  1. Issued by the Department of General Services, Central Procurement Office.
  2. Sets criteria on the selection of subrecipient contracts to be monitored in any given fiscal year.
  3. Requires state agencies to submit monitoring plans annually.
  4. Provides monitoring guidance.