Information Systems Council (ISC) Meeting

October 5, 2023


October 5, 2023

11:30 am


Information Systems Council (ISC)

Location: Executive Conference Room, Ground Floor, TN State Capitol

Time: 10/5/23 @ 11:30AM-1:30PM CT


Agenda Items (view as PDF):

1. Opening Remarks – Commissioner Jim Bryson, Chair (11:30AM CT)

2. Approval of Previous Minutes (December 1st, 2022) – Commissioner Jim Bryson, Chair (vote)

3. Public Comment – Any member of the public wishing to address the Council in person at the October 5th, 2023 ISC meeting should make a request in writing to Addy Newsom at Requests should be made at least three (3) days in advance of the scheduled meeting date and time (deadline for this meeting is October 2nd, 2023 by 11:30AM CST).

4. State IT Project Status Reports – Gabrielle Authier, STS (11:45AM CT) - Business and IT leaders from each department/division will brief ISC members and answer accompanying questions.

• TDEC – Modernization

• TDOC – Offender Management System (OMS)

• TDOC – Electronic Health Record

• Labor – Tax Systems Replacement, Employer Tax Modules (verbal report)

• Labor – UT Benefits Systems Replacement

• DHS – DHS FA Modernization

• DIDD – Integrated Waiver Alignment – Modernization

• Health – Electronic Health Record System

• TennCare – Iris & Iris Data Ecosystem

5. ISC Policy Review** (12:35PM CT)

• ISC Policy 5: Inf Systems Mgmt & System Dev Life Cycle – Gabrielle Authier, STS (vote)

• ISC Policy 7: Planning – Emily Gibson, STS (vote)

• ISC Policy 9: Disaster Recovery – Curtis Clan, STS (vote)

• ISC Policy 10: Data Management – Greg Wilkins, STS (vote)

• Annual Policy Review

** No proposed changes for the above listed policies. 

6. STS Project Dashboard Review – Stephanie Dedmon, CIO (12:50PM CT)

7. Closing of ISC Meeting to the Public – Commissioner Jim Bryson, Chair (12:55PM CT)

8. Confidential IT Audit Finding Reports – Brent Rumbly, Assistant Director Information Systems Audit

• Department of Children’s Services (Performance Audit Report released December 2022)

• Department of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (Performance Audit Report released

November 2022)

9. Closing Remarks & Meeting Adjournment – Commissioner Jim Bryson, Chair (1:30PM CT)



Upcoming ISC Meetings: Please note the change in meeting frequency and format for 2023.
• September 13, 2023 meeting was moved to October 5, 2023 = Project Status & ISC Policy Review + Confidential IT Audit Finding Review (120 minutes)
• December 6, 2023 = Project Status & ISC Policy Review (90 minutes)

ISC Membership Listing and Current ISC Policies can be found here: