Information Systems Council (ISC) Meeting

Policy/Project Review - Open to Public
April 6, 2022


April 6, 2022

11:30 am

Information Systems Council (ISC) Meeting

What: ISC Policy/Project Review – Open to Public

When: April 6th, 2022 - 11:30-1:00PM

Where: Executive Conference Room, Ground Floor, TN State Capitol

Agenda Items:

1.       Opening Remarks – Comm. Butch Eley, Chairman (11:30am CT)

2.       Approval of Previous Minutes (October 7th, 2021) - Comm. Butch Eley, Chairman (vote)

3.       State IT Project Status Reports Gabrielle Authier, STS (11:35am CT)

Business and IT leaders from each department/division will brief ISC members and answer accompanying questions. Times listed in blue are estimated start times, and subject to change.

  • STS – March 2022 Project Dashboard (11:40am CT)
  • Human Services - DHS-CC: Child Care Modernization (11:48am CT)
  • Human Services - DHS-FA: FA Modernization (11:56am CT)
  • DIDD - Integrated Waiver Alignment & Modernization (12:04pm CT)
  • TennCare – IRIS (12:12pm CT)
  • TDH - Electronic Health Record System (12:20pm CT)
  • Labor - UI Benefits System Replacement (verbal report only) (12:28pm CT)

4.       ISC Policy Review – Emily Gibson, STS (12:40pm CT)

  • Policy 1: Data Security (no recommended changes, vote)
  • Policy 12: Open Access to Electronic Information (no recommended changes, vote)

5.       Q&A/Discussion (12:50pm CT)

6.       Closing Remarks & Meeting Adjournment – Comm. Butch Eley, Chairman

Future ISC Meetings:
• June 14th, 2022 – COT Audit Review – Closed to Public
• August 16th , 2022 - Policy/Project Review – Open to Public
• October 11th , 2022 - COT Audit Review – Closed to Public

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