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Local Government Technical Assistance Program

The Local Government Technical Assistance Program provides in-depth training as well as the framework for local government to develop their own annual plans for American Rescue Plan Fiscal Recovery Funds and solicit additional guidance on those plans from the State of Tennessee.

Webinar Videos and Materials

NEW! January 2022: Two new webinars for local governments: 

     Wednesday, Jan. 12:   Treasury Final Rule Review

     Wednesday, Jan. 19: Spending Plan Portal Review


Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Spending Plan Review 

To do now: Prepare to send the state a spending plan.  

Get started here by reviewing information and learning what you'll need to develop a spending plan for state review and feedback.


The Local Government Technical Assistance Program is open to all Tennessee counties, metropolitan cities, and NEUs.

Click here to review webinars with supporting materials you can print.


Timeline for Local Government Support Program

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