Public Notification Registration

Notification Process for Licensing Actions for Radioactive Waste Processors

Interested persons may receive notification of radioactive material licensing actions (new applications, renewals, and amendments) for Tennessee radioactive waste processors from the Division of Radiological Health (the Division).

Persons requesting notification may sign up for the registry by providing their full name and electronic mail address to

Notification will be provided by the Division at least fifteen (15) days prior to issuance of approval of a requested licensing action, or 15 days prior to hearing an appeal from a person who has been denied a licensing action. Notifications will provide the waste processor's name, address, license number (when applicable), and a brief description of the requested licensing action.

The Division will make available pertinent documents for review by interested persons at it's central office in accordance with established procedures.

Persons may submit comments on the requested licensing action to

The Division will consider the comments received in reaching a final decision concerning the requested licensing action.