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    Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Forum and Expo

    The Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Forum & Expo (STF&E) is an annual conference organized by the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and Tennessee Clean Fuels where attendees share and discover projects that can reshape what is possible in transportation and mobility. The research, technology, planning, and policy developments shared at STF&E aim to improve transportation efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and address the mobility needs of all. Panelists and speakers from across the country highlight best practices to transform transportation systems efficiently, affordably, and sustainably. Sign up for the STF&E email list to receive updates on STF&E.

    The 2022 Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Forum & Expo is November 8-9 at the University of Tennessee Student Union in Knoxville.  

    The Forum & Expo speakers and panelists will address topics such as alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies; mobility and transportation justice, which includes issues of access to transportation, community displacement, and gentrification in sustainable transportation projects; and the intersections of transportation with public health and emergency response. 

    In addition to the forum, this year's STF&E events will provide the following offerings:

    •   A ceremony that honors both winners of the Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards (TSTAs) and new inductees to the Tennessee Green Fleets (TGF) program
    •   An alternative fuel vehicle and equipment showcase and an alternative fuel vehicle ride and drive
    •   A networking reception coordinated and hosted by the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

    On November 7, this year's event will be preceded by the Drive Electric Tennessee initiative's inaugural DriveElectricTN Momentum Summit, also at the University of Tennessee Student Union in Knoxville.  

    Nominations for the Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards (TSTAs) will be accepted through September 9 and can be submitted via the online nomination form

    Explore the links below to learn more about these offerings or to find information on past STF&E events.

    Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards

    The TSTAs recognize outstanding initiatives to improve the efficiency, accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of transportation systems in the state, consistent with ongoing efforts to improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans, provide for a strong economy, and protect and enhance our state’s natural resources.

    2022 TSTA nominations are currently open through September 16th.

    Tennessee Green Fleets

    The TGF program offers an opportunity for Tennessee fleets to receive certification for their transportation efficiency efforts. Organized by Tennessee Clean Fuels, TGF certification is based on an applicant’s vehicle data and fleet fuel use. The TGF program recognizes fleets based on actions taken to reduce petroleum consumption, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and implement alternative fuel vehicles.

    Applications for TGF certification are currently closed.

    Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Equipment Showcase

    Each year, Tennessee Clean Fuels assembles an alternative fuel vehicle and equipment showcase for all STF&E attendees. Past participants have exhibited electric, hybrid, propane, compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG or LNG), biofuel (biodiesel or ethanol), and hydrogen vehicles and equipment from across the state. The showcase highlights local fleets that have adopted alternative fuels, demonstrating the breadth of fleet innovation occurring in Tennessee. Find information on previous showcases here.

    Previous STF&E Events

    Since the forum’s inception in 2015, STF&E events have been held in Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville. While the specific themes for each forum have changed from year to year, STF&E has always celebrated new achievements and opportunities in sustainable transportation, particularly in how such projects and ideas can be implemented in Tennessee to serve the public good. Explore previous STF&E agendas, venues, speakers, and presentation materials here.

    All photos courtesy of State of Tennessee staff.