Land Dedication Celebrates Expansion of Pogue Creek Canyon

Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 09:39am

Officials from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), TennGreen Land Conservancy, and Fentress County residents gathered Saturday to celebrate the transfer of 227 acres of land to the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, a donation from the Allardt Land Company.

Rep. Kelly Keisling, R-Byrdstown, and Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson also attended.

The donation transfers land along Stewart Creek Gorge to the state.

“We’re proud to have donated this beautiful and wild land for future generations to enjoy and appreciate TennGreen Land Conservancy for its time as a conservation partner protecting this amazing place,” said Gordon Martin, operations manager for the Allardt Land Company.

”This is an outstanding addition for our state,” said TDEC Commissioner David Salyers. ”Pogue Creek Canyon SNA offers spectacular views, and this donation helps preserve the natural resources that mean so much to our state. Through this donation and with the co-management of our Division of Natural Areas and Pickett CCC Memorial State Park, we can enhance the enjoyment of visitors for many years to come. We are deeply grateful to the Allardt Land Company for the donation and to TennGreen Land Conservancy for its assistance in making this happen.”

“TennGreen Land Conservancy is delighted to have helped facilitate this generous gift of land from Allardt Land Company to the state,” said Steve Law, executive director of TennGreen Land Conservancy. ”This beautiful area along Stewart Creek Gorge is a wonderful addition to the already breath-taking Pogue Creek Canyon SNA. Thank you, Allardt Land Company!”

The 3,000-acre Pogue Creek State Natural Area contains sandstone cliffs, rockhouses, and arches and has a trail system visitors can hike directly from the state park to the state natural area. The vista from the end of Overlook Trail provides visitors a commanding view of the Cumberland Plateau gorge. The state natural area protects several rare plant species, including Cumberland sandwort, which was recently delisted as an endangered species.

The SNA was designated in 2006, and since then TennGreen Land Conservancy has assisted in adding adjoining parcels. In 2005, The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee acquired Pogue Creek Canyon to conserve the gorge and transferred it to the state in 2006.

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