EVV for Community Providers

DIDD has transitioned to Therap for EVV for Community Providers as of January 2022. This includes providers of the following services:

  • RESPITE LEVEL 1 - DAILY 8 to less than 16 hrs. per day (In-home)
  • RESPITE LEVEL 2 - DAILY 16 to 24 hrs. per day (In-home)
  • RESPITE LEVEL 3 - DAILY 24 Hour Awake (In-home)
  • RESPITE LEVEL 4 - QUARTER HOUR less than 8 hrs. per day (In-home)
  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE QTR HR- Limited to a maximum of 860 units/month
  • KATIE BECKETT-Supported Home Care and Respite Services (provided by traditional 1915c Waiver providers)


Clinical providers who are providing in-home services will begin using Therap for EVV no later than January 2023.  This includes:

  • Nursing
  • Therapy (PT, OT, SLP)
  • Behavior Services

Please see the FAQs linked below for more about EVV.