NWCX PAIICE Program Making Positive Changes In The Community

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 | 01:51pm

TIPTONVILLE – An organization formed by incarcerated men at the Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX) is celebrating its 36th year of working to change lives.  Prisoners Actively Involved In Community Endeavors (PAIICE) was formed in 1985 with a desire to prevent new victims.

PAIICE began as the ‘Don’t Follow Me’ program in response to youth violence where members shared their stories with local colleges, high schools, churches, and community groups.  The program specifically targeted young people who otherwise may find themselves in school detention, alternative school, or the juvenile court system.

“We started the ‘Don’t Follow Me’ program because we wanted to share our experiences with the kids, so they don’t follow our path,” said Howard, a long-time PAIICE member.  “This program helps others and it also helps me better myself.  I am an example to the youth, to show there is a different and better way to go in life than the way I went.”

NWCX Staff Sponsor Jason Daniel credits the program’s success to the desire by the offender population to help.  “They are making a difference here at the institution and in the community.  If they can help one kid change their path, then all the work is worth it.”

For more information about the PAIICE program, contact Jason.E.Daniel@tn.gov.

Photo of offenders in the NWCX PAIICE Program