TDOC Takes COVID-19 Actions

Thursday, September 03, 2020 | 02:41pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) has launched another round of targeted testing for COVID-19 in all state correctional facilities.  In conjunction with the Department of Health, Department of Military, Core Civic and Centurion, additional testing will be conducted out of an abundance of caution and following the recent positive test results at the South Central Correctional Facility (SCCF).

Beginning today, targeted, unit-based testing of 2,890 inmates for COVID-19 will be conducted at 13 facilities statewide.  Unit-based testing will be based on the population of inmates who, through contract tracing, have been identified as someone who may have come into contact with another person who tested positive.  The unit-based testing will also include inmates who, for whatever reason, may have been outside the facility for a work assignment, or a medical appointment and inmates who live in a unit where a staff member who has recently tested positive worked.  The Department will begin testing all facility-based employees starting next week.

Since becoming one of the first systems in the country to conduct mass testing, the department has tested 26,265 inmates.  21,344 of those cases returned negative results and 4,575 were positive.  As of today, 3,365 inmates have recovered and there are 1,197 active inmate cases systemwide with the majority (1,144) housed at South Central Correctional Facility.

The TDOC has maintained a series of steps to try to prevent the spread of the virus including, non-invasive screenings, frequent cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas and mandatory masks for staff and inmates.  The department has been following established protocols for isolation of positive cases and quarantine for suspected cases.  All inmates who test positive and are asymptomatic receive daily medical monitoring and health assessments.  Those who may become symptomatic but don’t require additional care are treated in place or at a local hospital, depending on their needs.

The latest round of testing for inmates will be conducted over the next several days.

Information regarding COVID-19 test results is available at