TDOC Inmate Crews Back To Work In Limited Capacity

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 | 09:34pm
TCIX Annex Work Crews Mowing

Many parts of Tennessee are adjusting to a new normal in the age of COVID-19 and TDOC is no exemption.  On Tuesday, some of the inmate work crews from the Turney Center Industrial Complex Annex in Wayne County resumed work, all while practicing safe social distancing protocol.  The crews of five mowed cemeteries and churches.

According to Associate Warden Bryan Butler, “A lot of the older smaller churches and cemeteries in rural areas cannot afford the upkeep of the yards, so they are appreciative of the work that our inmate crews do for them and the offenders are proud to make a difference in the community.”

Most of the population at the TCIX Annex are assigned to community services as part of their programming needs.  The prison’s community service work crews proudly provide thousands of hours of labor to five counties, including state and local government, as well as churches, cemeteries and other non-profit organizations in southern middle Tennessee.