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TDOC Comptroller's Audit Report

Friday, January 10, 2020 | 03:07pm

The Department of Correction appreciates the work of the Comptroller’s Office audit staff and the thoroughness of the report.  We have already addressed, or are in the process of addressing the issues raised in the report which includes, but is not limited to, enhanced staff training and revision of department policy and procedures.

Although the Department concurs, or concurs in part, with all of the findings referenced in the Comptroller’s report, we maintain that the TDOC operates safe and secure prisons and provides effective community supervision.  The majority of the findings can be attributed to technology challenges, delayed reporting, and the staff shortages that our state, like many others, currently experience.  It is important to note that the department is certified by the Department of Justice for PREA compliance, fully accredited by the American Correctional Association, and many of our processes and protocols exceed national standards.  Nevertheless, the department recognizes and is committed to improving our processes and procedures as well as enhancing our own internal auditing processes as recommended by the Comptroller that will help the TDOC be a better and more efficient department.

We recognize and appreciate that the State’s external auditing function brings valuable, third-party insight.  Like other law enforcement agencies, our employees work extremely hard, day in and day out, to protect the public while facing increasingly difficult challenges.  We will address the specific findings during Monday’s hearing.

The citizens of Tennessee can rest assured that the Tennessee Department of Correction will not compromise public safety and will do everything within our power to ensure that the public, our employees, and the offenders under our supervision are protected.