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TDOT Careers

TDOT's workforce is comprised of over 4,000 talented individuals who work in a variety of functions across the state and ensure the best roadway system in the country. Check out our current openings below:

Current Openings
Title Division Location Last Day to Apply Starting Salary 
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE*013118-165180 Structures Nashville 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165128 Strategic Transportation Investments Nashville 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165254 Region 3 Project Development and Operations Middle Tennessee (Davidson, Lawrence, Maury, and Montgomery counties) 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165300 Region 1 Project Development, Materials and Tests and Operations Knoxville and Roane County 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165314 Occupational Health and Safety Nashville 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165353 Region 2 Project Development and Operations Chattanooga, Cookeville and Bradley and Coffee Counties  2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165409 Design  Nashville 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
GRADUATE TRANS ASSOCIATE-013118-165430 Region 4 Project Development and Operations West Tennessee (Jackson, Haywood and McNairy County) 2/27/2018 $4,270.00/month
STUDENT INTERN-013117-165319 Region 3 Environmental Tech Group  Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-164974 TDOT Finance Nashville  03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165225 HQ Construction Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165226 Environment Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165227 HQ Materials and Tests-Field Ops Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-020518-165604
HQ Materials and Tests-GeoTech Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165228 Long Range Planning Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165229 Strategic Transportation Investments Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165231 Structures-Hydraulics Division Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165232 HQ Bridge Inspection/Repair Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165233 HQ Traffic-Incident Management  Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165234 Roadway Design Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165278 Region 1 Traffic Knoxville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165279 Region 1 Design Knoxville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165280 Region 1 Construction Knoxville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165281 Region 1 Survey Knoxville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165282 Region 1 Survey Washington County 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165283 Region 2 Construction Cookeville and Crossville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165284 Region 2 Design Chattanooga 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165285 Region 2 Environmental Tech Group Chattanooga 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165286 Region 2 Construction Chattanooga and Bradly County 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165287 Region 2 Survey Chattanooga and Sequatchie County 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165289 Region 3 District 39 Construction Lawrence County 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165292 Region 3 District 38 Construction Humphreys County 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165293 Region 3 District 37 Construction Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165295 Region 3 State Aid Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165316 Region 3 Traffic Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165317 Region 3 Bridge Inspection Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165318 Region 3 Survey  Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165320 Region 3 Design Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165322 Region 3 Training Nashville 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165324 Region 4 District 49 Construction Memphis 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165325 Region 4 District 47 Construction Dyer and Carrol Counties 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165326 Region 4 District 48 Construction Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165329 Region 4 Training Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165330 Region 4 Bridge Inspection/Repair Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165332 Region 4 Right-of-Way Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165334 Region 4 Design Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165335 Region 4 Survey Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165336 Region 4 Environmental Tech Group Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
STUDENT INTERN-013118-165337 Region 4 Materials and Tests Jackson 03/06/18 $12.50/hour
ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2*-021418-165624  Region 3 Project Development and Operations Nashville 2/20/2018


ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2*-021418-165670  Environmental Nashville 2/20/2018


PROCUREMENT OFFICER 2-020718-165563  Region 2 Garage Chattanooga 2/20/2018


TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-020718-165484  Region 4 Garage Jackson 2/20/2018


TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-020718-165485  District 47 Garage Carroll and Dyer Counties 2/20/2018


TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-020718-165486 District 48 Garage McNairy County 2/20/2018 $2,908.00/Month
TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-020718-165488 District 49 Garage Memphis 2/20/2018 $2,908.00/Month
TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-021418-165635  District 38 Garage Humphrey's and Montgomery Counties 2/20/2018 $2,908.00/Month
TDOT MECHANIC SENIOR*-021418-165643 District 18 Garage Cocke County 2/20/2018 $2,908.00/Month
TDOT PLANNING SPECIALIST*-020718-165507  Long Range Planning Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis 2/20/2018


TDOT SAFETY MANAGER-021418-165641  Occupational Health and Safety Nashville 2/20/2018


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Please note that submitting a resume is not a substitute for completing an application. Only candidates who complete an official online application will be considered for employment. If you have questions concerning the online application process, please contact NeoGov applicant support at 1-855-524-5627 for assistance.  For more information on the state of Tennessee's application process, click here.

This Organization Participates in E-Verify This employer will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information from each new employee’s Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. IMPORTANT: If the Government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, this employer is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact DHS and/or the SSA before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment. Employers may not use E-Verify to pre-screen job applicants and may not limit or influence the choices of documents you present for use on the Form I-9. To determine whether Form I-9 documentation is valid, this employer uses E-Verify’s photo matching tool to match the photograph appearing on some permanent resident cards, employment authorization cards, and U.S. passports, with the official U.S. government photograph. E-Verify also checks data from driver’s licenses and identification cards issued by some states. If you believe that your employer has violated its responsibilities under this program or has discriminated against you during the employment eligibility verification process based upon your national origin or citizenship status, please call the Office of Special Counsel at 800-255-7688, 800-237-2515 (TDD) or at