Master of Civil Engineering Program

The Master of Civil Engineering Program is a partnership between TDOT and the University of Tennessee - Knoxville to provide graduate degree courses via distance learning in Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Each participant must take the required six core classes plus four electives of their choice* from the table below. UT offers a thesis and non-thesis option for this degree. The thesis option requires 30 semester hours and successful completion of a thesis. The non-thesis option requires 30 semester hours.

Graduate and professional students are required to maintain an active status in their program(s) from the initial time of enrollment until graduation. They must register for a minimum of one graduate credit hour per semester, excluding summer semesters, unless otherwise stipulated by the program. 

Employees utilizing the CE Master's Program Contract can take up to five courses per academic year

* On occasion UTK will offer CE Masters distance education courses that are not listed below. In most cases, these courses will be accepted and count towards completion of the program requirements; please confirm with your UTK advisor. If you have questions about a course that is not listed below, please email If you register for a class that is not included in the curriculum and do not have prior approval, you may be held responsible for payment of the tuition and fees. 

Course Curriculum
Core Classes (offred once every 2 years)
Elective Classes (offered approximately once every 3 years)
CE 522 Mix Design for Asphalt & Portland-Cement Concrete OR CE 521 Pavement Design CE 530 Advanced Soil Mechanics and Slope Stability
CE 551 Traffic Engineering: Characteristics CE 531 Soil Stabilization
CE 553 Geometric Design and Layout of Roadways and Community Facilities CE 532 Soil Slope Stability Analysis 
CE 574 Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members CE 535 Advanced Foundations & Retaining Structures
CE 581 Construction Estimating CE 552 Traffic Engineering: Operations
ENVE 525 Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield CE 554 Public Transit Planning and Operations
  CE 556 Traffic Crash Reconstruction and Analysis
  CE 558 Transportation Planning Models
  CE 559 Transportation Safety
  CE 561 Finite Element Applications in Structural Engineering
  CE 565 Structural Dynamics
  CE 571 Behavior of Steel Structures
  CE 573  Prestressed Concrete
  CE 582 Construction Scheduling
  CE 595 Contemporary Issues in Transportation Systems Engineering
  CE 595 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  ENMG 533 Theory and Practice of Engineering Management*
  ENMG 534 Financial Management for Engineering Managers*
  ENMG 536 Project Management*
  ENMG 538 New Venture Formation*
  ENMG 539 Strategic Management in Technical Organizations*
  ENMG 541 Managing Change and Improvement in Technical Organizations*
  ENMG 543 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Engineering Management
  ENVE 512 Environmental Transport & Kinetics
  ENVE 515 Open Channel Hydraulics
  ENVE 530 Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Engineering
  ENVE 558 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

*An employee should not take more than two (2) ENMG classes as part of their overall program.

1 year of service* with TDOT and acceptance into the University of Tennessee's Civil Engineering master's program
Must have maintained an overall performance rating of “valued” or above throughout the previous 12-month performance review cycle
Executed CE Master's Program Contract (See First Time Student Checklist)

*An employee with six months of service may still take one course per semester through the State of TN fee waiver program. After completion of one year, if in good standing, the employee can participate in the full TDOT master’s program.

Question Answer
What are the eligibility requirements for the TDOT Master of Civil Engineering Program? After working at least 1 year at TDOT as an Engineer,  gaining acceptance into UTK’s graduate school, and receiving a performance evaluation rating of 'valued' (or higher) within the past 12 months, you are eligible to apply to the program.
How do I apply to be a part of the TDOT Master of Civil Engineering Program (or CE master's Program)? The first step is to apply with UTK here. The second step is to complete the TDOT CE master's Program application and the CE master's Program contract here.

What is the application deadline for UTK’s graduate school?

There is no deadline for U.S. citizens. When applying, it is suggested to select the term that most accurately reflects the semester you project to start the program.If you want to change the entry term after you’ve submitted your application, please contact UTK’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at, and they can assist you in modifying your application start term.

Am I required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as part of the application process?

No, you do not have to take the GRE.

Am I required to submit letters of recommendation as part of my UTK graduate school application?

No. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering does not require distance education students to submit letters of recommendation. In order to bypass this step in the online graduate admissions application, you must submit specific email addresses in the provided fields. Please contact Katie Cantley at, and she will provide you with these addresses.

Who gets the forms once complete?
What should I know about the CE master's Program policy and application? Among other things, TDOT requires that CE master's Program participants remain employed with TDOT after completing the program for at least 12 months or twice the number of months they spent enrolled in classes through TDOT's master's program, whichever is greater.  
What’s the importance of the State Fee Waiver? All state of Tennessee employees can use the Fee Waiver for one course per semester and, on occasion, if we have a waiting list to join the CE master's Program, students can start the program using the Fee Waiver.
When do I submit my fee waiver form (if applicable) to UTK?
  • For Summer 2020, your waiver must be dated and submitted after March 1, 2020 and can be accepted by the university up to two (2) weeks before summer classes begin.
  • For Fall of 2020, your waiver must be dated and submitted after June 1, 2020, and can be accepted by the university up to two (2) weeks before fall classes begin.
  • For Spring 2021, your waiver must be dated and submitted after October 1, 2020, and can be accepted by the university up to two (2) weeks before spring classes begin.
What if I need to drop a class? Please review UTK's policy for dropping classes. Keep in mind the last day to drop with a "W" does not coincide with the % charged dates. If you drop a course after the first week of class, you will be held responsible for the tuition and fees associated with that course.
Who do I call if I have questions? Katie Cantley at (615) 532-3994
The first step is to apply to UTK here.  
Once you have been admitted to graduate school at UTK, send the following items to .
  • CE Master's Program Contract
  • Class Schedule (a screen shot will suffice)
  • Registration Verification in the form of a copy of your official acceptance letter into the program 
If you intend to take a class using the Fee Waiver Program, complete the Fee Waiver Form and submit it to the following address:; please CC
Before each semester, send the following items to .
If you intend to take a class using the Fee Waiver Program, complete the Fee Waiver Form and submit it to the following address:; please CC