Transportation Modernization Act

About the TMA

The TMA fundamentally changed the way TDOT delivers projects by expanding alternative delivery opportunities and giving TDOT the authority to enter into Public-Private Partnerships (P3). It also established parity between electric vehicles and traditional vehicles within TDOT's funding structure. The TMA accomplished this generational change in infrastructure policy without raising taxes, issuing road debt, spending a disproportionate amount of funds in urban areas, reducing our maintenance budget or proposing toll roads.

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An investment strategy for the $3 billion general fund transfer approved in April 2023 evenly distributed funds across all four TDOT regions to advance critical transportation projects. TDOT innovated its project prioritization process to develop its first-ever 10-Year Project Plan.

In 2024, the stair-step fee structure for electric and hybrid vehicles will be implemented.

Stair-step fee structure for electric and hybrid vehicles chart

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