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About Choice Lanes

Choice Lanes are new, additional lanes that use pricing to proactively manage demand and provide travel-time reliability. Choice Lanes allow motorists to maintain consistent travel speeds even when the adjacent existing lanes are congested. Choice Lanes are new lanes and typically operate at around 45 mph during rush hours when traditional lanes are barely moving or even at a standstill during peak periods. They are not the same as a toll road where all motorists are required to pay a fee to use any travel lane.

Benefits of Choice Lanes

  • Provides more balance to quality of life due to less time spent in traffic.
  • Offers enhanced transit options as transit buses can use the lanes to also benefit from the reliable travel speed and travel time.
  • Impacts regional economic prosperity positively.
  • Improves air quality due to less idling as a result of reduced traffic congestion.
  • Generates revenue from the customers of the lanes that can be used to offset the costs of the lanes.

TDOT’s Potential Choice Lanes Projects

Choice Lanes projects are being considered through studies in TDOT’s Regions 1, 2 and 3. TDOT’s congestion studies, feasibility studies, initial outreach to the industry and results from Traffic and Revenue studies revealed corridors in these three regions showed the potential for successful future Choice Lanes. Studies are advancing alongside continued conversations with potential future private sector partners to determine feasibility and interest. TDOT is in the early stages of Choice Lanes project development and more information about the future Choice Lanes projects will be posted on this page. Learn more about the proposed Choice Lanes on I-24 in Region 3.  

Choice Lanes

Please note: While Region 4 does not currently have a Choice Lanes project proposed, the region will be receiving an urban congestion project to replace the America’s River Crossing I-55 bridge over the Mississippi River in Memphis.

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