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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have one of the green mountain background plates (Tennessee standard plate) currently, you will be receiving a new license plate.

You will be given the new license plate at the time of your renewal in the year 2022.

No.  You would still only receive a renewal decal until your plates come up for renewal again in December 2022.

No.  We will be unable to renew any registrations that are expiring after January 1, 2022 early.  Those renewals can only begin to be processed in your renewal month.

When motorists receive their new license plate design during the month they renew their tags, they should receive the same version of the prior green mountain plate they had. So, motorists who had “In God We Trust” green mountain plates will receive “In God We Trust” plates with the new design, and vice versa. However, motorists can change their plate design during the renewal process by making the request in person at their county clerk’s office, making a notation on their mail-in form, or requesting it online. 

State law provides that Tennesseans may elect to receive a license plate that includes the words “In God We Trust” as an alternative to the standard plate design. This option to request an “In God We Trust” plate has existed since 2017.