Tennessee 2020 Plan

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has prepared a five-year State Recreation Plan since 1965. Our most current state outdoor recreation plan, Tennessee 2020, was developed through an in-depth public process, reviewed and approved by the National Park Service, and then presented to Gov. Phil Bredesen and the citizens of Tennessee on March 31, 2010.

Tennessee 2020 is a comprehensive planning document focused on the future of Tennessee’s parks, people and landscapes. This plan represents an ambitious undertaking, expanding the scope of previous recreation plans by extending our vision 10 years into the future.

Tennessee 2020 documents the most critical needs facing conservation and recreational infrastructure over the next 10 years. Building upon input received through surveys, public meetings, working groups and more, the plan outlines goals for everything from increasing public information about recreational opportunities to improving Tennesseans’ health and our state’s economic climate through sustainable practices. Tennessee 2020 will serve as a catalyst for the state to work with communities and other stakeholders to maintain the recreational assets we have, prioritize specific needs for the future and take action to meet those needs.

Tennessee 2020: Vision for Parks, People and Landscapes

Tennessee 2020 Initiatives

  1. Advocacy and Funding
  2. State Parks Management
  3. Local Parks and Recreation
  4. Recreation One-Stop
  5. Public Health
  6. Children in Nature
  7. Environmental Education
  8. Quality Growth
  9. Recreational Waters
  10. Rural Economies