Division of Archaeology Collections

The Division of Archaeology collections includes both prehistoric and historic artifacts recovered over more than a century of professional surveys, excavations, and independent collecting throughout the state of Tennessee . These materials span the entirety of human occupation in the state, stretching back at least 14,000 years before present. The collection is available for researchers by appointment only.

The Tennessee Division of Archaeology is authorized by Tennessee Code Annotated11-6-104 to curate artifacts and other materials originating from lands owned or controlled by the state. Collection materials include but are not limited to artifacts, field notes, maps, negatives, slides, and other project documentation. The State Archaeologist reviews requests to curate collections from private or federal land on a case-by-case basis. Curation requests and questions regarding packaging requirements should be directed to the Collections Manager. 

For more information on Division collections, including donations, loans, research, and curatorial standards, please contact Collections Manager Macie Orrand:  Macie.Orrand@tn.gov ; phone 629-888-5863.