Pharmacy Benefits Managers

Notice - New Rules will become effective as of  June 26, 2024. See the Rules and Regulations section below for a copy of these rules.

To file your 2024 annual report by the August 1, 2024 deadline, please download the Annual Report form and complete the Annual Report transaction in CORE beginning on June 26th, 2024. *Please note that the Annual Report and the associated fee payment must be submitted electronically through CORE

File a Complaint

The form to file a formal complaint about Pharmacy Benefits Managers can be accessed here: Pharmacy Benefits Manager Complaint Form

When submitting a complaint, be sure to include as much information as possible. For examples of supporting documentation, please see the guidance provided here: Pharmacy Benefits Manager Complaints: Supporting Documentation.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager Reimbursement Appeals

Tennessee pharmacy providers may appeal their reimbursement from pharmacy benefits managers (PBM) for drugs and devices due to the passage of Public Chapter 1070 by the Tennessee General Assembly. The law was signed by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, May 25th, 2022.

Pharmacies should file their reimbursement appeal directly with the Pharmacy Benefits Manager.   The standardized form to file an appeal with the PBM can be accessed here: Standard Pharmacy Reimbursement Appeal Form.  Pharmacies and entities appealing on their behalf must be allowed to use this standardized form.

External Appeal Process for Reimbursement Appeals

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 56-7-3206(g)(2), the Department has established an external appeal process to review reimbursement appeals denied by pharmacy benefits managers. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC to review and resolve external appeals for pharmacy reimbursement.  Pharmacy providers can contact Myers and Stauffer by the contact information listed below.

Help Desk: (800) 591-1183
Fax: (317) 815-2971

External Appeal Submission form

Contact Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Pharmacy Benefits Manager Compliance or 1-833-379-5080

For questions or concerns regarding PBM Audits, please email 

PBM License Lookup 

To view a list of licensed PBMs, click the following link:

Rules and Regulations for Pharmacy Benefits Managers

Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0780-01-95