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Lost Policy Service & Life Insurance

Insurance Division

The Insurance Division (Division) of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (Department) provides a Lost Policy Service to Tennessee residents and their families, or individuals affected by a policy issued in Tennessee, to help them identify individual/group life insurance policies or annuity contracts of a deceased policyholder.

Life Insurance  and Annuities 

Lost Policy  Service

A request to locate a lost policy may be submitted with the NAIC: An individual who believes they are a beneficiary of a policy issued in Tennessee; or An executor or legally authorized representative of a deceased individual who may have lived in Tennessee when a policy was issued or an annuity was purchased. ​

Once the NAIC has received the request form  they will:

Forward the necessary information to all licensed life insurance companies; Ask that the companies search their records to determine whether they have any  in-force individual/group life insurance policies or annuity contracts in the name of the deceased; and Ask that the company respond directly to the requestor within 60 days of receiving the request ONLY IF they have in-force individual/group life insurance policies or annuity contracts naming the deceased, AND IF the requestor is legally authorized to receive this information. 

The information submitted with the Division and/or the NAIC will be distributed to all licensed life insurance companies. Records will be maintained by the Division and destroyed pursuant to the applicable records retention laws and policy. The records maintained by the Division will otherwise remain confidential.