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The Insurance Division is comprised of seven sections tasked with protecting consumers and ensuring a viable insurance marketplace in the State. This Division regulates and licenses both individuals and corporations, assesses suspicions of fraud, and provides resources to compare various insurance providers for citizens of Tennessee.

Sections of the Division:

Section Description Phone Number
Agent Licensing Regulates and licenses individuals and business  entities that sell insurance products in Tennessee

(615) 741-2693
(888) 416-0868

Captive Insurance Oversees and supports corporations and groups  underwriting their own insurance to manage risks  and gain financial control

(615) 741-3805
(855) 809-0069 

Consumer Insurance Services Educates Tennessee consumers on insurance topics  and mediates insurance-related disputes (615) 741-2218
Financial Affairs Monitors financial and operational conditions of insurance companies in Tennessee while analyzing records to ensure compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations (615) 741-1633
Insurance Examinations Examines insurance companies licensed in Tennessee  to ensure the company’s financial and operational condition  remains in compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations  through examination reports (615) 741-6796
Fraud Investigations Investigates allegations of abuse, fraud,  waste, and other violations to resolve them through means such as fines or the revocation of licenses (800) 792-7573
Policy Analysis Reviews life, health, property and casualty and workers’ compensation insurance policy rates, rules, and forms filed by licensed companies in Tennessee 1-800-861-1270
(615) 741-2825