On-Demand Video Trainings

System of Care Across Tennessee (SOCAT) | Getting to the Core

These trainings were originally presented in webinars in September of 2023.  The links below will take you to a YouTube video of the training.

School Safety and Promoting Well-Being

Presented by: Amanda Nickerson, PhD, NCSP

Maximizing Collaborative Leadership to Establish Effective Community-Based Systems
Presented by: Stephanie Armbrister Strutner, MPH, CPS II

Beyond ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences): Bringing HOPE and Resiliency to Our Children
Presented by: Ashley Jasinski / Stacey Broyles

T-CARE: Four Skills to Effective Trauma Informed Care
Presented by: Kathy Rogers / Monique Jenkins

Bridging the Gap: Three Strategies to Engage Youth & Young Adults Navigating Mental Health
Presented by: PaQuita R. Pullen, LPC-MHSP, NCC