2022 Audits

Below is a list of audits related to the 2022 election. Audits are listed when selected per statute or Requested by the Registry Members' vote. After the audits are completed and approved by the Registry , the listed audit name will become a link to a PDF version of the audit report.


Full Campaign Audits

Rep. Rebecca Alexander, House District 7

Rep. Bill Beck, House District 51

Jeffery Young Crum, House District 13

Rep. Tandy Darby, House District 76

Gabriel Fancher, House District 13

James Hart, House District 76

Judge Robert L Holloway Jr., Criminal Court of Appeals

Judge John Westley McClarty, Court of Appeals

Kelly Northcutt, District 13

Chief Justice Roger A. Page, Supreme Court

Rep. Robert Stevens, House District 13

Kevin A West, House District 76

Sen. Dawn White, District 13

Governor Bill Lee, Gubernatorial

Jason Martin, Gubernatorial

Unitemized Contribution Audits

Judge Damita Dandridge, Circuit Court 30-8 (2022 Second Quarter)

Deangelo Jelks, House District 52 (2021 Pre-General)

Rep. Justin Jones, House District 52 (2022 First Quarter)

Deanna McLaughlin, House District 75 (2022 Second Quarter)

Judge Clarence Pridemore Jr., Chancery Court 6-2 (2021 Year-End)

JB Smiley, Governor (2022 Pre-Primary)

Robert Weiss, Circuit Court 30-8 (2021 Year-End)

Board Requested Audits

Gary Humble, District 27 (preliminary report only)