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2018 Candidate Audits

Below is a list of candidates subject to an audit for the 2018 election.  After the audits are completed and approved by the Registry, each candidate’s name will become a link to a PDF version of the audit.

Full Campaign Audits

Mr. Karl Dean, Gubernatorial

Governor Bill Lee, Gubernatorial

Representative Timothy Hill, House District 3

Mr. Richard Dawson, House District 33

Representative John Ragan, House District 33

Mr. Nathaniel Varner, House District 33

Representative Charlie Baum, House District 37

Ms. Deanna Debow Osborne, House District 37

Representative Darren Jernigan, House District 60

Mr. Gregory Frye, House District 79

Representative Curtis Halford, House District 79

Mr. Scott McCormick, House District 96

Ms. Patricia Possel, House District 96

Representative Dwayne Thompson, House District 96


Unitemized Contribution Audits

Julie Byrd Ashworth, District 95

Mary Alice Carfi, District 17

Juliette Eskridge, District 91

Angela Hedgecough, District 15

Gayle Jordan, District 14

Senator Katrina Robinson, District 33

Kyle Southern, District 59

David Weatherspoon, District 31

Gabby Salinas, District 31


Board Requested Audits

Terry Clayton, District 54