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If you are a registered voter and believe a violation of the State campaign finance law has taken place, you may file a sworn complaint.  If the complaint concerns a state candidate the sworn complaint should be filed with the Registry of Election Finance.  If the complaint concerns a local candidate the sworn complaint should be filed with the district attorney general in the judicial district in which the voter resides.  Your sworn complaint can be in the form of a letter and you must have your signature notarized.  The letter should explain why you believe the law may have been violated, describe the specific facts and circumstances and name the individuals or organizations you believe have violated the campaign finance laws. You should also attach any documentation you have concerning the complaint.  If the Registry feels that there is sufficient information to move forward with the complaint process, the Registry will provide an opportunity to the party the complaint was filed against to respond to the complaint.  The Registry will consider all information available before making a final decision on the complaint.

If you would like to view a printable version of the complaint form please click the link, Sworn Complaint.