Campaign Finance Interim Reports

Effective July 1, 2022, all candidates and political campaign committees (PACs) will be required to use the Registry’s newly revised Interim Report form to file interim reports as required by Tenn. Code Ann. 2-10-105(h).  This form must be used by candidates and all PACs to report major contributions, loans, expenditures, and/or obligations during the 10 days immediately preceding a primary or general election and must be filed with the appropriate entity by the end of the next business day following the day on which the contribution or expenditure to be reported is received or made.  If such time falls other than during regular working hours, the report shall be filed after the opening of the office of the Registry or election commission on the next working day.  These reports must be filed on a rolling basis.  For more information on when this report must be used and how to complete the report, refer to the accompanying instruction booklet.

For any other questions, please contact the Registry of Election Finance at 615-741-7959 or at