About the Center for Enterprise Data & Analytics

CEDA focuses on data, data quality and the ongoing aspiration to do more and more advanced analytics and data science with shared data sets across the state. 

Recent changes include:

  • a new Chief Data Officer (Gregory Wilkins),
  • a new state-wide Data Governance Committee,
  • a common process for data governance (The 8 Elements of Data Governance)
  • a partnership with the Office of Evidence and Impact to advance analytics,
  • replicable measurements to value the benefits of good data,
  • organizational change management plans,
  • risk plans and more.

A strategy for improved enterprise data has been developed and can be found by clicking here.

CEDA Circle of flow

Contact Us

For more information about data and analytics, please email info.ceda@tn.gov.

Gregory J. Wilkins, Director, Center for Enterprise Data & Analytics

Gregory Wilkins is the Director for Center for Enterprise Data & Analytics for the State of Tennessee where he is modernizing the data platforms, deploying a common data governance framework, promoting data sharing for analytics, modernizing database, content management and GIS platforms to the cloud.  Greg has been with the state for over 15 years and brings over 35 years of experience in all aspects of IT.