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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Interactive Budget

The Interactive Budget is a suite of interactive data visualizations developed by the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration to illustrate: 1) the state government budget; 2) the state government authorized positions; 3) the state government’s total issued debt; 4) the state government’s “rainy day” fund; and 5) the state government’s TennCare reserves. 

The five dashboards include state budget data back to fiscal year 2012 and the governor's complete budget recommendations for the latest fiscal year. Values for the most recent fiscal capture only the governor’s recommended budget and do not reflect the budget enacted by the General Assembly. Values for all previous fiscal years represent the budget enacted by the General Assembly.

The Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration provides all data related to the state budget, authorized positions, total issued debt, rainy day fund, and TennCare Reserves. National fiscal rankings and debt per capita information (appearing on the Debt visualization) is provided by Mercatus Center at George Mason University. The downloadable datasets and relevant metadata can be found on state’s open data portal under the Department of Finance and Administration. PDF versions of the state budget publication can be found on the Department of Finance and Administration's website.

In response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the governor released an amended budget recommendation for Fiscal Year 2021. The amended budget recommendation is not reflected in the visualizations, but the details are available below under "Budget Amendment."