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State Financial Overview

The revenues necessary to finance state government are collected from a variety of sources. The primary source of funding for state expenditures is appropriation from general revenues. General revenues are proceeds from taxes, licenses, fees, fines, forfeitures, and other imposts laid specifically by law.

  Where Each State Government Dollar Comes From (FY 2019)

Where Each State Government Dollar Comes From

        How Each State Government Dollar is Spent (FY 2019)

Budget_Where Tax Goes

The Actual 

Searchable Checkbook 

In an ongoing effort to be more accountable and transparent to Tennessee taxpayers, this searchable checkbook website provides expenditure details about how Tennessee State Government dollars are spent. The checkbook includes data collected since August 2011, when the State´s new centralized accounting system began.

Please note the data presented here is unaudited and should be used for information purposes only.

Available Information 

All state expenditures generated through the state´s centralized accounting system are included in this searchable checkbook. They are presented in two ways, either at the detail level (Annual Payments by Agency) or summary level (Protected Annual Payments Summarized by Program). This includes state payments to cities, counties, university systems, vendors, clients and state employees. Certain expenditure details have been summarized instead of itemized due to protections provided by federal law, Tennessee law, or privacy provisions. Those exclusions are not posted online as part of the vendor payment reports. The summarized payments have been included by type of service paid and are located at Protected Annual Payments Summarized by Program.

Download an Entire Year 

2019 Fiscal Year Checkbook-csv file (32.3MB)                                                                                                                                            2019 zip file (4.6MB)

2018 Fiscal Year Checkbook-csv file (32.8MB)                                                                                                                                                    2018 zip file (4.6MB)

2017 Fiscal Year Checkbook-csv file (31.3MB)                                                                                                                                                2017 zip file (4.4MB)

2016 Fiscal Year Checkbook-csv file (31.6MB)                                                                                                                                            2016 zip file (4.5MB)

2015 Fiscal Year Checkbook- csv file (30.1MB)
2015 zip file (4.48MB)

2014 Fiscal Year Checkbook - csv file (31.4MB)
2014 zip file (4.67MB)

2013 Fiscal Year Checkbook - csv file (31.9MB)
2013 zip file (4.66MB)

2012 Fiscal Year Checkbook - csv file (30.3MB)
2012 zip file (4.34MB)