About Transparent Tennessee

An Overview of the Information Available from this Website

The administration continues to work to have a customer-focused, efficient, and effective state government. From decreasing wait times at Driver Service Centers to processing online tax returns, we are working to provide the best possible customer service at the lowest possible cost.

Transparency and accountability are key aspects of those efforts. This page, Transparent Tennessee, was created to provide a “one-stop shop” online for Tennessee taxpayers to learn more about the administration's vision and goals for the state, how the departments of state government are doing in terms of achieving those goals, how Tennessee compares to other states, and where state tax dollars are being spent. The information on this site is primarily organized around five priorities:

  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Investments that Transform Government
  • Supporting Tennessee Families
  • Rural Economic & Community Development
  • Resilient Communities

There is also a Financial Overview section which provides public data on how state dollars are spent, including a searchable checkbook of the state’s expenditures and quick links to a state employee salary database, state audits, and travel reimbursements.

We hope this is a helpful resource and that you enjoy learning more about Tennessee State Government.