Gas Pipeline Safety


Bryce Keener, Director 
Travis Aslinger, Deputy Director 

The mission of Tennessee Public Utility Commission's (TPUC) Gas Pipeline Safety Division (GPSD) is to contribute to the safety and reliability of intrastate natural gas distribution and transmission pipeline facilities by conducting pipeline safety inspections across the state. It is the goal of the staff to minimize the risk to public health and safety as a result of the unintended release of natural gas from a pipeline. Public health and safety also depends on maintaining the flow of natural gas as a source of energy necessary to sustain domestic, commercial and industrial activities. In support of this effort, pipeline safety inspections by the Tennessee Public Utility Commission's GPSD promote pipeline integrity and reliability. The Gas Pipeline Safety Division inspections promote underground utility damage prevention and public awareness of gas pipeline safety issues. Third party excavation is the leading cause of damage to underground utilities making damage prevention of utmost importance.

GPSD Contact List

Bryce Keener (615) 770-6862 Office
Daniel Allen (615) 306-9165  Cell 
Darrin Ulmer (615) 483-7071 Cell
Travis Aslinger (615) 202-9848 Cell
Luke Woodin
(615) 587-9150 Cell
Matthew Whitaker (615) 308-1489 Cell
Kenneth Harper (615) 969-1768 Cell
Ted Wilkinson, P.E.
(615) 476-4716 Cell
Tevin Thompson, Administrative Services Assistant (615) 770-6863 Office