Wireless Local Number Portability

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What is wireless local number portability (WLNP)?

WLNP is a wireless consumer's ability to change service providers within the same local area and still keep the same phone number.

WLNP will allow consumers to switch from one wireless carrier to another within the same general metropolitan area. It does not allow consumers to keep the same phone number when moving to a new town or city.

WLNP also allows consumers to move a phone number from a wireline phone to a wireless phone in some cases.

Follow the Tennessee wireless number portability map link, found under Related Topics, to determine if you can you keep your existing telephone when switching telephone companies in Tennessee.

If you are interested in shopping around for a better deal, follow the "Three-C" process:

COMPARE - compare the services between the wireless carriers being considered.

CHECK - your current service contract for any termination charges that you may have to pay.

CONTACT - your new provider to change services.