Company Name Change FAQs

When do I need to notify the Tennessee Public Utility Commission?

If you are a public utility, and you are

  1. changing your registered business name,
  2. adopting an assumed business name,
  3. or discontinuing the use of an assumed business name.

You are required to notify the Commission at least thirty days before offering services to Tennessee customers under the new name.

What do I need to submit to the TPUC?

A notification of any change referenced above shall include all of the following,

  1. For public utilities operating as either a corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership, verification that the public utility has registered the changed or assumed business name with the Office of the Tennessee Secretary of State in compliance with the requirements of Tenn. Code Ann. 48-14-103, 48-54-103, 48-207-103, or 61-2-103.
  2. For public utilities providing telecommunications services in the State of Tennessee, verification that the changed or assumed business name has been recorded in the public utility's surety bond or letter of credit obtained pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. 65-4-125.
  3. If the public utility is currently serving end user customers in the State of Tennessee, a copy of the proposed notice to be sent to the utility's Tennessee customers for the purpose of informing these customers of the anticipated change in business name, adoption of an assumed business name, or removal of an assumed business name.
  4. If the public utility intends to use more than one business name to provide services in the State of Tennessee, a notice specifying which services will be provided to customers under each name.
  5. A check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Tennessee Public Utility Commission to cover the filing fee.

What happens next?

The notification will be assigned a docket number. The TPUC Staff will review the notification to ensure that it complies with Authority Rule 1220-4-1-.08. If the application is found to be in compliance with Authority Rule 1220-4-1-.08, the name change will be placed on a regularly scheduled Commission Conference Agenda for consideration by a panel of Commissioners.

Upon approval by the Commission, a new tariff cover sheet which reflects the new name should be filed.If notification is incomplete or is not compliant with Commission Rule 1220-4-1.08, you will be contacted by Commission staff for revisions.

To whom do I send the application and do I enclose a fee?

Send the application to

Tennessee Public Utility Commission
502 Deaderick Street, 4th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243