Spring 2022 Commission Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm CDT
Room 282, Roaden University Center
Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN
Combined Agenda | Video Recording

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of Minutes, January 28, 2022 Meeting

Chairman’s Report

Executive Director’s Report

Consent Calendar

I. Postsecondary Education Authorization (Action Item)

A. Institutional Reauthorization

B. Authorization of New Institutions

C. Approval of New Programs

D. Optional Expedited Authorization

II. Quality Assurance Funding – TN Job Market Placement Definitional Change (Action Item)

Regular Calendar

I. Tennessee Technological University Campus Master Plan (Action Item)

II. 2020-2025 Outcomes-Based Funding Formula Recommendations (Action Item)

III. 2022-23 Binding Tuition and Fees Ranges (Action Item)

IV. New Academic Programs (Action Item)

A. East Tennessee State University – Applied Data Science, Master of Science

B. Middle Tennessee State University – Public Writing and Rhetoric, Bachelor of Science

C. University of Tennessee Knoxville – Marketing, Master of Science

V. Division of Postsecondary State Authorization – Emergency Rules (Action Item)

VI. Navigate Reconnect Overview (Information Item)

VII. Committees