Fall 2022 Commission Meeting

Please note: This meeting will be conducted permitting member participation by electronic or other means of communication.

Thursday, November 3, 9:00 a.m. CDT
Senate Hearing Room 1, Cordell Hull Building, 425 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, TN 37243
Video Recording | Combined Agenda

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: July 28, 2022, Meeting

Chairman’s Report

Executive Director’s Report

Consent Calendar

I. Postsecondary Education Authorization (Action Item)

A. Authorization of New Institutions

B. Optional Expedited Authorization

II. Institutional Mission Profiles (Action Item)

III. Off-Campus Centers

A. Motlow State Community College: Rockvale High School (Action Item)

B. Nashville State Community College: Dickson Campus (Action Item)

Regular Calendar

I. Fall 2022 Enrollment Update (Information Item)

II. 2023-24 Operating State Appropriation Recommendations (Action Item)

III. 2023-24 Guiding Tuition and Fees Ranges Recommendations (Action Item)

IV. 2023-24 Capital Projects Recommendations (Action Item)

V. New Academic Programs (Action Items)

A. Tennessee Technological University – Music, Bachelor of Science (BS)

B. University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - Information Technology in Cybersecurity, Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

C. University of Tennessee, Knoxville – International Business, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

VI. Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology Master Plan (Information Item)