Flash Report #5 Extreme Winter Weather

Saturday, January 20, 2024 | 08:01pm

• The State Emergency Operations Center in Nashville is activated at a Level 4 - Elevated to support local requests. • The entire state is being impacted by extreme winter weather.
• Emergency Service Coordinators (ESCs) from TDOT, TDEC, TDCI, TDH, THP, TN Department of Human Services, and more are monitoring the situation and standing by to provide assistance to local jurisdictions.  
• Commercial fuel drivers and commercial livestock and poultry industry drivers have been granted temporary hours of service waiver through Jan. 27.
• Due to the extremely cold weather, TVA has requested that the public continue to voluntarily conserve energy, if it is safe for them to do so.  

A winter weather system began traveling through the state on Sunday, Jan. 14, bringing dangerously cold temperatures and snow to Tennessee. This event was followed by another system on Thursday, Jan. 18 that brought wintry precipitation through a large portion of the state. Temperatures are expected to stay below freezing throughout the weekend. 

Because of the extremely cold temperatures, the demand on power and water systems has significantly increased. Per TVA, while there has been an increase in demand of the power system, it has remained stable. However, there are several water systems throughout the state that are reporting operational issues that may result in boil water advisories, loss of water, or loss of water pressure. 

On Jan. 17, TEMA Director Patrick C. Sheehan, on behalf of Governor Bill Lee, declared a State of Emergency to provide commercial vehicles transporting livestock, poultry, and feed for the livestock and poultry relief from hours of service until 3:59 p.m. Jan. 27. This declaration runs concurrent with the Jan. 13 State of Emergency that is providing commercial vehicles transporting fuel relief from hours of service also until 3:59 p.m. on Jan. 27. 

• Extremely cold temperatures across the region continue to drive up the demand for electricity. Per TVA, the electric grid is stable and their generating facilities are performing well. TVA continues to recommend conserving energy if it is safe to do so. Energy saving tips can be found on the TVA website.
• As of 1:00 p.m. CST on Jan. 20, there are 300 power outage reports statewide.
• As of 7:30 p.m. CST,19 counties have reported water utilities with operational issues and 28 water systems have issued Boil Water Advisories. If you have lost water or have a loss of water pressure, check with our water system for more information and for recommended actions. 

Reported Issues w/ Boil Water Advisory In Affect
--Water System
Carter- First Utility District of Carter County
Crockett- Friendship Distribution System
Crockett- Town of Alamo Water System
Gibson- Gibson CO MUN Water District #1
Giles- Pulaski Water Department
Giles- Minor Hill Water System
Giles- Tarpley Shop Utility District
Giles- South Giles Water System
Giles- Fairview Utility District
Hardin- Savannah Utility Department
Hardin- Limestone Water Utility, LLC as Aqua Utilities
Henderson- Lexington Water System
Henderson- Scotts Hill Water System
Henderson- Sardis Water System
Hickman- Centerville Water System
Houston- Tennessee Ridge Water System
Houston- Erin Water System
Lauderdale- Lauderdale County Water System
Lawrence Fall River Road Utility District
Lawrence- Loretto Water Department 
Lawrence- Summertown Water System
Lawrence- Lexington Water Department Rascaltown Community
Lincoln- Petersburg Water System
McMinn- Resolute Forest Products
McNairy- Adamsville Water Department
McNairy- Michie Water Department
McNairy- Selmer Water System
Shelby- Memphis Light, Gas & Water

Reported Issues w/out Boil Water Advisory In Affect
County- Water System
Bedford- Bell Buckle Water System
Giles- Admore Water System
Greene- Chuckey Utility District
Lawrence- Northeast Lawrence Utility System
Lawrence- Leoma Utility System
Lawrence- Lawrenceburg Utility System
Maury- Mount Pleasant Water System #1
Montgomery- Erin Water System 
Tipton- Mason Water Department

• Warming centers have been opened across the state. A list of known centers can be found on the TEMA website.

• Crews continue to support communities with winter weather impacts. 
• Many roads, especially secondary routes, continue to be impacted by the extreme cold, snow, and wintry precipitation that travelled through the state. Drive cautiously. 
• Current road conditions can be checked on the TDOT SmartWay website

• THP continues to provide motorist assistance, traffic control, and support other law enforcement responsibilities. 

• The Tennessee Department of Health has confirmed 25 weather-related fatalities. Seven in Shelby County, one in Hickman County, one in Madison County, two in Washington County, one in Carroll County, four in Knox County, one in Van Buren County, one in Lauderdale County, one in Henry County, two in Marshall County, one in Coffee County, one in Marion County, one in Roane County, and one in Anderson County. 

• Monitor local news for updated weather forecasts.
• Limit time outdoors when possible. Extreme cold temperatures are dangerous and can result in hypothermia or frostbite.
• Review TVA energy conservation tips linked on the TVA website.
• Contact your local emergency management agency if you need immediate assistance. 
• Dialysis centers that are aware of transportation issues for their patients should contact their county emergency management agency for support.   

Memphis: Overnight low temperatures in the upper single digits to lower teens with wind chill values near 0F. Easterly winds between 5-10mph, shifting to southerly winds during the day. Daytime high temperatures in the lower 30s with mostly sunny skies.
Nashville: Overnight low temperatures in the lower single digits with wind chill values in the negative single digits.  Northerly winds between 5-10mph shifting easterly during the day. Daytime high temperatures in the lower 30s with mostly sunny skies.
Knoxville: Overnight low temperatures in the single digits with wind chill values near 0F. Northerly winds between 5-10mph. Daytime high temperatures in the lower 30s with mostly sunny skies. 
Chattanooga: Overnight low temperatures in the upper single digits to lower teens with wind chill values near 0F. Northerly winds between 5-10mph. Daytime high temperatures in the lower 30s with mostly sunny skies.