How to Use Tennessee 511

511 Logo Blue

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has valuable tools and resources to provide Tennessee travelers and commuters with up-to-date information about travel conditions via phone or web—anytime 24/7. TDOT has added a 511 voice-activated system to TDOT SmartWay, and has linked the 511 phone service with the TDOT SmartWay web application.

Where to get the information

  • Dial 511 (or 877.244.0065 outside Tennessee) from any phone, landline or mobile
  • Log on to
  • Follow us on Twitter.

How do I use the 511 system?
The Tennessee 511 phone system uses voice-activated and touch-tone technology. When you dial 511, the system will greet you and present you with a menu of options. Here’s what you’ll hear on the main menu:

  • Greeting:
    Welcome to Tennessee 511, a service of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. For keypad only entry, press 1 now.
  • Main menu prompt:
    What travel info can I help you find today?  You can ask me for: Traffic and Incident Conditions, Weather Forecasts and Road Conditions, Rest Areas, Transfer to Other Systems, Major projects and work zones.  If you'd like to leave feedback, just say feedback.

Types of information available

  • Traffic incidents and major closures on interstates, U.S. routes and state routes in Tennessee
  • Road construction and planned road closures on interstates, U.S. routes, and state routes in Tennessee
  • Weather forecasts and conditions statewide
  • Locations of Rest Areas and Welcome Centers
  • Transfers to Public Transportation
  • Transfers to Commercial Airports
  • Transfers to the Tennessee Department of Tourism
  • Major Projects and work zones
  • Transfers to neighboring states’ 511 phone systems (currently GA, KY, NC, VA)
  • AMBER Alerts