Welcome to Tennessee 511

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Travelers can access road and travel conditions online at TNSmartWay Traffic or by dialing 511 (or 877.244.0065 outside Tennessee) from a cellular or landline phone.

Real-Time Traffic Options

The TDOT website featuring TNSmartWay provides real-time traffic information on highway incidents, construction activities, and weather-related road conditions, including streaming traffic cameras, messages displayed on overhead Dynamic Message Signs, and speed data. Cameras and message boards are live in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Similar traffic information is also “tweeted” to the public through TDOT Twitter pages.

Beginning June 2024, the sound and experience of Tennessee 511 will be brand new!  
Castle Rock ITS will be providing the following updates to the system:
1. Streamlined call flow
2. Weather forecasts and road conditions combined into a single menu option
3. Higher impact events are announced first
4. Caller can ask for information many ways:
     -Ask for a city
     -Ask for a route between two cities
     -Ask for a route/highway
     -Ask for a county
5. Better pronunciations of TN cities / locations

New menu options for 511 include:
1. Traffic and Incident Conditions
2. Weather Forecasts and Road Conditions
3. Rest Areas
4. Transfer to other systems like Public Transportation, Airports & Tourism or Other 511 Systems
5. Major projects and work zones
6. Feedback

About Tennessee 511

Tennessee 511 uses an automated voice response system where callers are guided through the menu through a series of requests. Callers can ask for specific roadways or regions, and the system will provide information.

For 511 traffic information in neighboring states, visit the following links:

For more information about active 511 services nationwide, visit https://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/511.