Traffic Signal Modernization Program

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The Traffic Signal Modernization Program (TSMP) is a TDOT  program designed to help communities and their local traffic signal maintaining agencies modernize existing traffic signal equipment and operations.

TSMP Grant Application Funds Eligibility Requirement

The TSMP project must be located on a State Route. Communities with a population below 5,000 (based on the 2020 federal census) are eligible for TSMP funds regardless of county CMAQ designation. Unincorporated areas within counties in non-CMAQ counties are also eligible for TSMP funds. However, communities with a population above 5,000 (based on the 2020 federal census) in CMAQ eligible counties and CMAQ eligible counties are not eligible for TSMP grant funds and those grant applications submitted will be eliminated from consideration. One county exception to this CMAQ requirement is Cocke County.

TSMP Grant Application Matching and Funding Cap Requirements

The TSMP project is a 100% state funded program (i.e. no local match required). The overall TSMP grant funds available through this grant application process is $750,000. Every project will have a different associated project cap up to $125,000 per project. The TSMP goal is to select at least one project from each TDOT Region.

Eligible TSMP Items

  • Controllers & Conflict Monitors
  • Advance and Stop Line Detection
  • Signal Heads & Flashing Beacons
  • Signal Timing optimization plans
  • Pedestrian Signal Heads & Push Buttons
  • Supplemental Signal Heads
  • Controller Cabinet & Equipment
  • Signal Wiring & Cables  

Some Expected Benefits to Modernizing Your Traffic Signal Items

  • Reduction in crashes
    • Controller/cabinet upgrade: 30% crash reduction
    • Signal timing coordination: 32% crash reduction
    • Supplemental signal heads: 28% crash reduction
    • Detection Upgrade: 20% crash reduction
    • Advance signal ahead warning devices: 22% crash reduction
  • Reduction in traffic congestion
  • Increased reliability in detecting vehicles
  • Improved Traffic signal visibility
  • Savings in energy efficiency
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Automated collection of traffic count data

Grant Application Deadline

The Traffic Signal Modernization Grant application must be emailed by 4:00pm CST on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 to with the subject line "TSMP Grant Application ". Please also include your community (i.e. city, town, county) in the subject line  For questions regarding this grant, please contact Steve Bryan via the same email address above.