December 7, 2018 Letting

For new Prompt Payment requirements which were effective with the August 17, 2018 letting, please visit the TDOT Labor Compliance webpage.

Contract Awards - Updated 12/20/18

Summary of Bids (Bid Tabs) - Updated 12/20/18

Apparent Bid Results

Bid Conditioning Letters

Supplemental Notice to Contractors - Published 11/20/18

Notice to Contractors - Published 11/9/18

Instructions to Bidders

Bid Authorization Form - Revised 11/20/18

Proposals & Bid Files on Bid Express (Official Bid Files)

Bid Files (For Information Only) - Revised 11/20/18

Quantities (For Information Only) - Revised 11/20/18


DBE Interested Parties List

Certification Regarding Subcontractor Bid Quotes (Bidders list)

TDOT no longer sells printed plans.  All plan sets can be downloaded, free of charge, from the E-Plans Room.

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