Procurement and Contracts Division

James K. Polk Building, Suite 500
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243


Chris D. Yarbrough

The Procurement and Contracts Division provides leadership and oversight for all TDOT purchasing, procurement, and contracting within the authority of the Central Procurement Office. The Procurement and Contracts Division serves as the liaison between TDOT and the State of Tennessee’s Central Procurement Office to maximize efficiency, accountability, and stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

The Division’s primary focus areas include the following:

1.       Ensuring that all TDOT employees are properly trained on procurement rules, polices, and procedures.

2.       Validating standard operating procedures through quality assurance and advocating procurement best practices.

3.       Managing TDOT contract life cycles through dedicated contract management.


Actively support TDOT goals by procuring goods and services that maximize competition and fairness while operating within state and federal rules and regulations.


Become the state agency leader in procurement and contract services that returns extraordinary value to our customers.


  • Communication—promotes transparent and open dialogue; asks "who else needs to know?" and fosters accurate and timely information flow.
  • Collaboration—actively seeks opportunities to work together in cross-functional areas and considers input from multiple sources.
  • Accountability—Responsible for providing both leadership and guidance to internal and external customers.
  • Innovation—explores ways to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency and embraces change.