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The Department of Revenue now offers free monthly tax webinars to the public.

These live virtual events will offer tax practitioners, attorneys, accountants, and others with an opportunity to learn more in depth about a tax topic and ask questions. 

Registration for the next webinar is now available.  

When:  January 25, 2022

Time:  9:00 a.m., Central Time

Description:  Join us for an informative, interactive webinar regarding the TNTAP system (Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point), including information about recent changes,
tips on navigating TNTAP, and more.

Webinar Video Library

You can view videos from prior webinars by clicking on the subject below.  Click on the title to download the video documentation.  

Filing Business Tax Online
Business Tax Return Filing - Demo


FAE Exemption - Affordable Housing
Franchise & Excise Tax - Asset-Backed Securitization
Franchise & Excise Tax - Consolidated Net Worth Election Application
FAE Exemption - Diversified Investments
Franchise & Excise Tax - Facilities Owned by the Armed Forces
FAE Exemption - Farming/Personal Residence
Franchise & Excise Tax Exemptions - Insurance Companies
Obligated Member Entities
Franchise & Excise Tax - Qualified Low-Income Community Historic Structures
Franchise & Excise Tax - Security Third-Party Indebtedness
Franchise & Excise Tax - Tennessee Historic Property Preservation Entities
Franchise & Excise Tax - TN Investco Entities
FAE Exemption - Venture Capital Funds
Tax Webinar - Legislative Updates, 2021
Professional Privilege Tax
Sales and Use Tax - Exemptions Overview
Sales & Use Tax - Agricultural Exemption
Sales and Use Tax - Certified Green Energy Production Facility
Completing the Sales Tax Return
Sales & Use Tax - Government Exemption
Sales and Use Tax - Industrial Machinery
Sales & Use Tax - Qualified Organizations Exemption
Sales and Use Tax - Pollution Control Exemption
Sales & Use Tax - Resale Certificates
Sales and Use Tax - Research & Development Machinery Exemption
Reporting Out-of-State Sales by Delivery Destination
Services Subject to Sales Tax in Tennessee
Sales Tax on Specialized Digital Products
Special Events
Navigating the Website

Navigating the Website and Finding the Information You Need