For Businesses

Resources in this section include:

  • Registration and Tax Requirements:  Register online, find more information about business licenses and review some helpful resources for starting a new business.
  • Tax Incentives:  The Department of Revenue and the Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) have partnered to offer a variety of incentive packages to new and expanding businesses in Tennessee. Tax credits and exemptions are available for qualifying companies of varying size, and address a variety of businesses from industry and technology to investment in economically-distressed areas in the state.
  • Taxpayer Education: Find information on tax workshops, speakers bureau, rural community, outreach and university seminars.
  • General Revenue Policies: Look here for information about how the Department handles tax due dates on holidays, penalties, interest, refunds, audits and assessments, and more.
  • Penalty Waivers: Look here for information about how the Department handles penalty waivers and how to submit them.
  • Request a Refund:  If you believe you have overpaid on your taxes,  you may submit a claim for refund with the Department of Revenue.  
  • Compliance Information:  One of the roles of the Department of Revenue is to promote tax compliance and ensure everyone follows Tennessee tax laws. This section of our website has useful information covering those related topics.  
  • Close Your Business:  There are specific steps you should follow with the Department when you close your business, or you have any changes to your business’ ownership. Read this section for more information.