Helpful programs that your Chaplain can assist you with.

Strong Bonds Events

A unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. To register for a "Strong Bonds Event" sponsored by your unit, go to and click "Find an Event." 

Partners in Care

An initiative of the Tennessee National Guard Chaplain's Office. The purpose of this initiative is to coordinate support for Tennessee National Guard members and families through partner-ships with local faith communities. All faith communities are welcome to participate as"Partners In Care" congregations. Participating congregations agree to provide the TNNG with a current list of supportive services offered, as well as a congregational point of contact for coordination and communication of information, referrals, and support. We currently have Partners in Care congregations located in West, East, Southeast and Middle Tennessee who offer services that include counseling, child care, basic household and auto repairs, lawn care, home cooked meals, child and teen mentoring, reunion support, single parent deployment support, emergency food, clothing and housing support, transportation, parenting classes and financial support. (This list is not exhaustive and availability varies by congregations)

Military Marriage Mentors

Marriage mentoring offers practical support to couples as they face the inherent stresses of military life and new stages in marriage. This program encourages both older veteran and active-duty couples to communicate with younger couples. Instead of a “marriage counseling” type of mentoring, this program simply uses a successful, healthy couple as a role model. They share their experience through their stories. The wealth of resources in healthy military marriages can be mobilized to help strengthen younger married members.

The program is designed with flexibility to meet the demands of military schedules and deployments. Mentoring can occur in small groups or one-to-one couple meetings over a twelve-week or twelve-month format. Couples develop a friendship over guided conversations about marriage. They share their wisdom gained through experiences. Their stories surface marriage strengths, joys, memories, differences, challenges, and problem-solving skills

Contact the Chaplain

People with spiritual resiliency have a better chance of enduring the pitfalls throughout life and using those experiences to improve their lives. The Army Chaplain Corps is organized to provide the most responsive religious support and ministerial presence.  Religious support includes providing those aspects of religious education, clergy counsel and reassuring presence, authentic worship, and faith group expression.

CH (LTC) Mark Phillips

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