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Tennessee Army National Guard Alcohol and

Drug Abuse Program (ASAP)



The Tennessee Army National Guard (TNARNG) Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is a Commander’s Retention and Readiness Program under the direction of the G1 AND J9 FAMILY AND READINESS PROGRAMS located at 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville TN, 37204.  The Substance Abuse Program is a program that:

  1. Educates and trains Soldiers about Alcohol, Drugs, and the misuse of prescriptions; and emphasis the potential impact/consequences of use and/or abuse to the Army and unit readiness, their health and their military career.
  2. Works to prevent substance abuse through an aggressive urinalysis program and helps to identify Soldiers with substance abuse problems as early as possible.
  3. Returns to full duty those Soldiers identified as having substance abuse problems, who receive a third party substance abuse assessment, demonstrate the ability to be substance free and have the potential for continued military service.
  4. Works to ensure the mandate that all 100% of illicit Soldiers are counseled by their Command and received a third party substance assessment by a licensed/certified addictions professional.
  5. Facilitates the URI/R-URI and the URI/R-URI distribution process throughout the TNARNG to assist Commanders in targeted training selection such as: suicide prevention and/or substance abuse training.
  6. Provides two Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinators to act as first point of Contact for Commanders and illicit Service members in the region the Soldiers drill.


  1. The URI-Unit Risk Inventory-is a 53 question survey that 85% of the TNARNG assigned force must complete each year.
  2. The URI must be completed only in pencil on a Scantron provided by the Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO) or ADCO’s designee.
  3. Each URI/R-URI must be completed by each individual Soldier.  One Solder, One URI/R-URI.
  4. The URI/R-URI is an anonymous survey, designed to screen for life stressors, risk-taking behaviors, and attitudes that compromise Unit readiness. The URI/R-URI will also be used to assist Commanders in targeted training selection such as: suicide prevention training, substance abuse prevention training and the overall understanding of their Brigade, Battalions, and/or Units.
  5. The R-URI (Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory) is an 80 question survey that will be given to each Soldier upon return from deployment (usually given at the Yellow-Ribbon event).


Minimum testing requirements are 10% a month or 25% a quarter for each unit.  The goal is for 100% of every Soldier to provide at least one sample per year.  There is a mandatory 100% annual testing for required pools:

  • AGR
  • Aviation
  • Correction 
  • Specialist
  • CD
  • Medical
  • MP
  • TSC


  • Each TNARNG Soldier that is certified as illicit or Self-Identified as using or misusing Alcohol, Drugs, Prescription Medication or any other illicit/illegal substance, must have a DA 4465 assessment completed by an (ASAP) approved third party medical provider and/or a licensed/ certified addictions professional within 45 days of their unit being notified of the illicit/illegal use.

  • Limited Use Policy

    For additional information, please contact your Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator where your unit drills.

East TNARNG Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Mr. David Molleo

Phone: 865.985.4677



West TNARNG Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Mr. Marvis Adams

Phone: 731-421-8625



Tennessee Army National Guard Alcohol & Drug Control Officer Mrs. Tommie Sanders 615-313-0687

Army Substance Abuse Program Administrative NCO – SSG McEver 615-313-0847… 

Drug testing Coordinator SSG Dix 615-355-7192 

Drug testing Coordinator SGT Laplace 615-267-7193 

East TN Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator Mr. David Molleo…Phone: 865.985.4677 Email: 

West TN Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator  Mr. Marvis Adams…Phone: 731-421-8625 Email:

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