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Personal Financial Planner

Offering free financial counselling and advice to members of the Tennessee National Guard and their families. 

As a member of the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard, you and your family are entitled to receive free, anonymous, and confidential financial planning and counseling from an experienced Certified Financial Planner™. Services include help with managing household finances including debt reduction, improving your credit score, and planning for financial goals like purchasing a home or planning for retirement.

Financial Planning and Counseling Services

  •  Creating a personal or household budget 
  • Building your Net Worth Statement
  • Debt and Credit Card Management
  • Improving your credit score and credit report 
  • Establishing Emergency & Reserve Funds
  • Creating a will and healthcare/financial powers of attorney
  • Purchasing a home
  • Understanding mortgages 
  • Purchasing a vehicle
  • Long, mid, and short term investment strategies
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) investment strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • General Financial Planning


Will Welborn, CFP - Statewide

(615) 513-8424


Jason Tate, ChFC - 50 mile radius of Nashville

(615) 913-7722