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Employment Support Program (ESP)

What is ESP? 

The Joint National Guard Employment Support Program is vital in supporting our National Guard Servicemembers in finding meaningful careers and job opportunities as they face the challenges of military life, whether mobilized or in a steady state posture.  Having this “joint” program in the Joint Force Headquarters-State since 2004, underscores this as The Adjutant General’s program, which is critical for success. 

Our Mission:  NGB Employment Support customer focus: Provide employment opportunities and options to develop career ready Servicemembers, prepared/resilient family members, and successfully transitioned members integrated with their community.

Our Vision:  Supporting the warfighter, the homeland, and developing partnerships by shaping legislation and policy and affecting outcomes that support the strategic integration of the National Guard in supporting the National Military Strategy through force readiness

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Earnest (Carlton) Denson

Office:  (615) 313-0752

Cell:  (615) 347-9374

Employment Support Program (ESP)