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Tennessee Army National Guard equipment arrives in Europe

Tuesday, June 02, 2015 | 10:29am

BREMERHAVEN, Germany – Equipment from the Tennessee National Guard's 194th Engineer Brigade, headquartered in Jackson, Tenn., arrived at a northern port in Germany to support ATLANTIC RESOLVE. Approximately 1,000 personnel from Tennessee and Alabama will arrive in Europe to operate engineering equipment and provide security training as part of support to RESOLUTE CASTLE 15, a component of the larger NATO Exercise.

In light of the on-going Russian intervention in Ukraine, the effort to demonstrate America's commitment to the collective security of our NATO allies and overall support for our partners in Europe is critical. The construction and military police operations assisting our NATO partners, Bulgaria and Romania, is a vital demonstration of the U.S. commitment.

"The Tennessee National Guard's participation in this global mission will have a significant impact in Eastern Europe. ATLANTIC RESOLVE overall and RESOLUTE CASTLE 15 proves the United States has not taken its eye off the ball in Europe. The mission will ensure our commitment to democracy and freedom in nations that were once part of the Eastern Bloc," stated Maj. Gen. Terry "Max" Haston, the Adjutant General of Tennessee.

The 194th Engineer Brigade plans to work jointly with Bulgarian and Romanian partners by constructing new training areas, improve infrastructure, and execute joint security training to reassure them of the United State's solemn commitment toward their security and territorial integrity. Engineering efforts under RESOLUTE CASTLE 15 will focus on better enabling our NATO partners to train effectively, respond quickly to crises, and directly reinforce the safety and security of the region. The additional Military Police joint training allows the U.S. and NATO allies to increase readiness and the ability to rapidly counter incidents that may disturb a peaceful and prosperous Europe.

"As a part of the United States Army Europe team and as members of the Tennessee Army National Guard, the 194th Engineer Brigade are proud to be contributing to this effort of reassuring our Allies in the Black Sea region. Resolute Castle 15 is an Engineer construction exercise that seeks to improve interoperability with our NATO Allies and improve training range infrastructure in the area.

We are especially proud to be working with our friends from the Alabama National Guard's 877th Engineer Battalion as we assist our State Partner for Peace, Bulgaria and they assist Romania. The exercise increases our units’ readiness to deploy worldwide as we will have had to move millions of dollars’ worth of Engineer equipment and over 1,000 Soldiers and Airmen across the Atlantic," said Col. Craig Johnson, commander of the 194th Engineer Brigade.

The 194th Engineer Brigade will serve as the overall mission command element for the exercise and the 230th Engineer Battalion, headquartered in Trenton, Tenn., will execute the construction mission in Bulgaria. The Alabama unit will provide engineer support missions in Romania.

The U.S. and the states of Tennessee and Alabama continue to demonstrate a commitment to the collective security of our NATO allies and support for our partners in Europe. Our nation has taken action, both bilaterally and through NATO, to demonstrate solidarity with our NATO allies and reassure them of our solemn commitment. The U.S. remains determined to maintain a persistent presence in Eastern Europe. We look forward to additional assistance from our allies to ensure a coordinated and continuous land, air and sea presence in the region as part of the agreements made at the NATO Summit.

By - Niki Gentry, Public Affairs Officer


Engineering equipment from the Tennessee and Alabama National Guard is off loaded from a cargo ship in a northern German port preparing for the arrival of 1,000 military personnel to begin supporting RESOLUTE CASTLE 15 with our NATO partners, Bulgaria and Romania. The role of the engineers and security personnel is part of the larger mission known as ATLANTIC RESOLVE. (Courtesy Photo)