Donated Sick Leave

Request For Donated Sick Leave
Please complete and submit this Request for Donated Sick Leave through your human resources office.

Medical Statement For The Transfer Of Donated Sick Leave
Completed form must be mailed or faxed by the medical office directly to the Agency Resource Center.

Sick Leave Donation Agreement
Employees must agree to donate a minimum of five (5) days of sick leave (37.5 hours for employees on a 7.5 hour per day work schedule or 40.0 hours for employees on a 8 hour per day work schedule) and may not donate more than one-half of the sick leave balance in effect at the point leave is first deducted from the balance. Also, employees may not donate more than a total of ninety (90) days of sick leave during their employment with the State of Tennessee.

For questions, contact the HR Service Center at or 615-741-4841.